Biometrics technology ranging from fingerprint scanners to retinal scanners and everything in between have forever changed how security access is provided. Body scanners are used in almost every airport around the globe. The use of biometrics by the military and health research facilities is also widespread. Commercial retailers are using biometrics to help determine customer buying trends that will help create marketing campaigns and store layouts that will drive more sales.

Access Control and Biometrics - Vigilant Platforms

Facial Recognition is one of the most widely recognized forms of biometrics. It is a natural human connection: you recognize someone's face and you then begin a conversation or offer a friendly wave. Why not use facial recognition to allow or prohibit a person from entering a secure area? Facial recognition involves no contact and its implementation does not require any highly specialized tools making it ideal for identifying individuals in crowds and busy public spaces.

Access control is not new, locks and fences have been around for more than 200 years. Is your company utilizing the latest and greatest physical security card readers, badge systems, alarms, and gating available?  Let Vigilant Platforms help determine how enhanced physical security technology like facial, voice and/or object recognition might be a useful and affordable tool to solve your business needs. With emergent events occurring almost weekly can more innovative security solutions prevent the unexpected at your site?