Every industry has been affected by the 24-hour, real-time nature of the Internet. With the upcoming onslaught of data generated from the IoT, customers will demand instant, timely information. Real-time reporting will soon be a must and predictive analytics will become the "need to have". It will be imperative for businesses, first responders, and the community to understand what is going on in real-time, not after the fact.

See Data Clearly = Make Intelligent Decisions. Think of the intelligent decisions that could be made if video capture and data from third party applications or sensors could be visualized on a map geospatially! Vigilant Platforms can enable interaction with multiple sources of information and provide visual cues, correlations and other analytics for seemingly distinct events that appear to exist in silos. It solves the problem of integrating and aggregating disparate point solutions that compose typical public safety teams and law enforcement agencies.

Visualization and analytics - vigilant Platforms

Vigilant Platforms can integrate disparate video and data sources, including 3rd-party video systems, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) or 911 systems, license-plate recognition (LPR), gunshot sensors, records management systems (RMS), evidence databases, social media and more to create an integrated view of what is happening in real-time. Our tools provide a level of integration that is crucial for rapid response and improved situational awareness in the event of an emergency or crisis. Having a clear picture of the situation and predictive analytical tools, decisions can be made more quickly and proactively to help prevent an incident.

Need an effective way to communicate different types of information to an audience? Why not use dynamic digital signage married with live HD video. Digital signage is a great way to capture an audience and can include sources such as newsfeeds, social media, call center stats, and internal systems data projected to different sites on your network. All data can be centrally monitored, updated, scheduled and distributed throughout your network for quick data-driven decision making and real-time audience engagement.

Properly displaying large amounts of critical data can be a daunting task, so let us help. Whether you have a transportation control center, the corporate boardroom, an emergency operations site, or a utilities management control room, choosing the right display technology is paramount. Vigilant Platforms can design a purpose-built, custom-designed video display wall for mission critical applications with data and video capture tailored to your specific design requirements. One of our highly trained resources is available to help design the perfect collaborative video wall solution to meet your unique needs.