Vigilant Platforms,
Creating a Secure Intelligent World

Vigilant Platforms, is a National Systems Integrator delivering Physical Security & First Responder Solutions in the Commercial and Federal Markets. Vigilant designs and implements solutions for video surveillance, access control and biometrics, visitor management, credentialing and badging, command and control centers, situational awareness, mobile communications, visualization and analytics, emergency notification and provides the corresponding IT infrastructure.

Vigilant Platforms designs and implements the most complete line of integrated public safety solutions. Create a more Intelligent World, Security requires constant Vigilance.


See Everything, Defend, React

Vigilant Platforms ensures organizations have the appropriate layers of technologies to protect people, property and assets. Vigilant delivers organizations full situational awareness, multiple layer perimeter defenses, fully integrated multi-domain communication capability even in the harshest environments and the ability to appropriately react. Trust Us with Your Security.

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Managed Video Surveillance

Vigilant offers managed services for all of our physical security offerings. Vigilant’s managed service offerings are tailored to your specific requirements and can be on-premise, off-premise or hybrid. Let our team of physical security experts help augment your organizations physical defense strategy. 


Create Your Roadmap to Security

Vigilant’s team of experts can help your organization develop & implement an enterprise wide strategy to integrate new technologies into your existing physical security infrastructure. The Roadmap serves as a long-term integrated physical security plan allowing your organization to seamlessly add additional layers of defense over time. Security requires constant Vigilance.


Secure People, Property & Assets

Integrating the latest security technologies into your existing infrastructure can be daunting. Vigilant’s team of experts can assess your current environment, design a comprehensive solution, integrate the solution into your existing infrastructure and trains your staff for operational excellence.

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Is Your Organization Vigilant?

Organizations today are under attack, protecting your people, property and assets requires that you keep careful watch for possible danger, have defensive strategies implemented and are prepared to appropriately react. Let Vigilant Platforms take your enterprise to a Higher Level of Security.


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