Managed Video Surveillance

Together with PliantCloud, our team of experts can provide Managed IP Video Surveillance with secure access to live and recorded video from any device, anywhere, anytime. Maximize the security of your business with crystal clear full motion high-definition video surveillance while eliminating local storage concerns. Incident footage is available on demand and can be obtained independently or be provided by your Pliant VS Concierge! Our team of certified engineers will even detect and replace faulty cameras so you'll never be caught blind. And based on your building(s), we can recommend the proper access control - including biometrics, object detection and license plate recognition to protect key areas and assets. We keep pace with security updates so you don't have to!

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Intelligent Analytics

Using our intelligent analytics increases the value provided by a video surveillance system by automatically identifying events that may require action such as loitering, intrusion detection, and/or tampering. Analytics can also be used to improve the operation of your business with time and attendance verification, inventory management, process control, people counting, and queue management. Pliant VS can tailor our Video-as-a-Service to (VaaS) capabilities to best address the needs of your business.


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