Mobile Communications - Vigilant PLatforms

Need to expand your wireless infrastructure? Let Vigilant Platforms perform a Network Assessment of your environment to determine the perfect placement for access points to enable optimal and maximum bandwidth and throughput. With identify access engines, our experts can also help you retain control of your network while:

  • Helping ensure secure network access for employees, guests, and partners, even when they are using personal devices at work to support Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD).
  • Defining and Enforcing who gets on the network, with what, and where they can go providing granular control of both users and devices.
  • Setting the policies you need. For example, a user who connects wirelessly to the corporate network via a work-provided laptop is granted full access. However, the same user connecting via a personal iPad device is granted restricted access.

Let Vigilant Platforms help your company welcome guests - and their devices - while ensuring both corporate policies and regulatory security compliance standards are met.

Intelligent Communication

If you have employees that are working multiple shifts, students traveling to various buildings on a campus unescorted or in a facility where healthcare concerns can arise quickly and unexpectedly, a smartphone Panic Button might be a perfect solution! The Panic Button clearly communicates an emergency to 911, on-site security personnel, and first responders. In an emergency, seconds count. Use the speed and accuracy of technology to notify those that can immediately assist and protect lives.

Did you know that 70-80% of calls to 911 are made from mobile phones? Typically Public Safety Answering Points or PSAPS, the emergency call centers that receive the 911 emergency calls, are not equipped to support cell phones. For most of the calls received, the PSAPS is not able to determine your "real" location let alone get intelligent information about the callers medical history, animals that might greet first responders, or important family members or friends that should be contacted. Let us help arm your employees or students with applications backed by a hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.  Profile data is stored privately and securely within redundant and geographically diverse databases. Profile data is provided by the members of the community through a secure web-portal and shared only when a member of your community calls campus safety. Caller identity is immediately known so that responders can take action - even if the caller cannot speak.

Twenty four states currently have E-911 legislation enacted or pending that requires organizations over a certain size to purchase a new PBX to implement E-911 for the safety of their employees, students, and visitors. On December 3rd, 2015, the "Kari's Law Act of 2015" affecting E911 for MLTS (Multi-line Telephone System) was introduced in the House of Representatives. Any organization that utilizes a MLTS places the end-user at risk if action has not been taken to ensure that E911 specific location information is being pushed out and routed to the correct 911 Center with any outgoing emergency call. If your business is located in one of the 24 states and your employees cannot dial 911 without an access code preceding it, you could be fined! States are now collecting fines from businesses that haven't enabled 911 to be dialed without the number '9' or any other digit preceding it. Call us - there may be features within your existing PBX/VoIP system that can be modified to enable the direct dialing of 911.

Mobile Command Centers

Our Mobile Command Center trailers are perfect for search and rescue missions (i.e. Silver and Amber alerts, fugitive on the loose), temporary command posts during natural disasters, and other emergent incidents where a fully operational network supporting voice, data, wireless, video and radio in a climate controlled work space can be deployed in as little as 15 minutes. Our trailers are customizable to your needs. Mobile Command trailers can be small enough to haul behind a pickup truck or as large a 45' gooseneck semi complete with upholstered office space. The communication equipment can duplicate what is being used in the office environment if desired and is equipped with emergency alert applications and a powerful incident management center. Mobile command centers have been used for:

- Training Exercises

- Media Events

- Temporary Remote Healthcare Stations (i.e. vaccines, health fairs, etc.)

- Construction Sites

- Utility Grid Repair

If your business requires short-term remote deployment of resources, a mobile command center might be right for you.