Our Process

Vigilant Platforms designs and implements the most complete line of integrated public safety solutions. Protecting your People and Assets requires integrating many different solutions to maximize effectiveness. Vigilant offers solutions for video surveillance, access control and biometrics, visitor management, credentialing and badging, command and control, situational awareness, mobile communications, visualization and analytics, emergency notification and provides the corresponding IT infrastructure. Let Vigilant design a complete solution, start small and grow or let us implement a fully integrated solution.   

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Assessment & Recommendation

The first step in understanding your security posture is to do an assessment, Vigilant’s Assessment Services can provide a comprehensive view of your entire enterprise. Every aspect of your organization is reviewed and rated against the leading solutions in the market. Solution recommendations, cost and implementation timeline are provided. Vigilant will provide a comprehensive roadmap that will take your security posture to the next level. 


Implement at Your Own Pace

Vigilant’s Assessment will provide you with a Comprehensive Security Plan which can be implement at your own pace. Knowing where your security posture is today and having a plan on where you can get to in the future is key. Vigilant allows you to add additional layers of security feature by feature and be confident that it will all work seamlessly together. Let Vigilant’s team build you a fully integrated security solution.

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An Integrated Approach,
Today and into the Future

Many organization have some level of security implemented today, unfortunately many of the elements do not work as a cohesive system. Vigilant ensures that every aspect of your security posture will work seamlessly together to provide the highest level of protection.