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Video Surveillance, Made Easy

If you want IP surveillance systems that grow without compromise, are easy to deploy, capable of meeting your enterprise's demand, and are secure, contact the experts at Vigilant Platforms. We focus on the elements that are required to enable a safe and smart enterprise for your site.

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Vigilant Offers a Full Range of Video Surveillance Cameras

IP Cameras

IP Cameras offer customers a wide range of benefits, including lower total cost of ownership, improved resolution, advanced feature sets, and easier integration and scalability. IP Cameras enable edge-based recording to help minimize bandwidth and storage demands.

Panoramic Cameras

Vigilant offers 180- and 360-degree cameras that offer greater visibility than has previously been possible, dewarping for a greater degree of flexibility and, in certain applications, helping significantly reduce camera counts.

Ruggedized Camera Housings

Outdoor and mission-critical environments require specialized camera housings that are rugged enough to protect the technology inside. Vigilant offers vandal-resistant and explosion-protected housings to help protect cameras in a range of outdoor, industrial, or commercial applications.


Low-light and IR Cameras

In challenging lighting conditions, low-light and no-light, Low-light and IR cameras are still able to provide clear, highly usable images. High-powered IR cameras provide illumination to achieve clear video, even in pitch-black conditions.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras for both daytime and nighttime outdoor surveillance provides unique visibility into the surrounding area. Thermal cameras highlight any object that is giving off heat, such as an intruder, without being impacted by factors such as fog, snow, rain, and smoke.

PTZ Cameras

Pant-Tilt-Zoom devices are the best fit for certain applications. PTZ cameras can supplement 180- and 360- degree technologies.

Expert Design & Implementation

Vigilant professionals can design and implement video networks for any size environment. Our networks are designed to use the right cameras and VMS products to meet your business needs.


Video Surveillance, Analog to IP Based

Migrating from a traditional analog surveillance system to an IP-based video surveillance network can be tricky. How much additional data will be generated and will my current storage solution be taxed? Can my current network architecture support the additional throughput? Can my network quickly reconverge and recover if there is a problem? What cameras are the best for my environment? The list of questions can be long. You need an expert. This is where Vigilant Platforms can help.

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Managed Video Surveillance

Our team of experts can provide Managed IP Video Surveillance with secure access to live and recorded video from any device, anywhere, anytime. Maximize the security of your business with crystal clear full motion high-definition video surveillance while eliminating local storage concerns.


Network Video Recorders

DVRs for network video recorders (NVRs) offer greater storage capacity, improved bandwidth, and more advanced feature sets. Vigilant offers NVRs with hot-swappable hard drives, remote monitoring, easy installation, advanced alarm management, and other innovative capabilities.


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