Office Security

Vigilant was established to protect people, property and assets. We utilize the latest non-intrusive technologies to ensure security personal have all the necessary information & infrastructure in place to secure the office. Vigilant’s comprehensive integrated approach covers all aspects of public safety.

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Access Control & Biometrics

In the fields of physical and information security, access control provides selective restriction of access to a place or resource. Access control goes beyond just entering, it also may mean consuming or using. The utilization of Biometrics for access control provides the statistical analysis of people's physical and behavioral characteristics. The basic premise of Biometric Authentication is that everyone is unique and an individual can be identified by his or her intrinsic physical or behavioral traits. Vigilant designs and implements access control solutions utilizing the latest technologies to protect your people, property and assets.

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Video Surveillance

Migrating from a traditional analog surveillance system to an IP-based video surveillance network can be tricky. How much additional data will be generated and will my current storage solution be taxed? Can my current network architecture support the additional throughput? Can my network quickly reconverge and recover if there is a problem? What cameras are the best for my environment? The list of questions can be long. You need an expert. This is where Vigilant Platforms can help.

Mobile Communications

Vigilant designs and implements secure wireless network access solutions for employees, guests, and partners. Our team of mobile communications experts design and support Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) solutions that allow your organization to enforce secure custom network policies that allow you to gain control over users and devices. Let Vigilant take your enterprise to a higher level of security while delivering flexibility to your users. 

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Situational Awareness

Our incident management solution was developed in response to post-9/11 emergency preparedness and response doctrine(s), and is an advanced real-time global interoperable communications and multi-media collaboration platform. The platform is unique in its ability to provide advanced anywhere/anytime communications and information sharing capabilities both vertically and horizontally across agencies. If active shooter, terrorist attacks, or crime statistics weigh on your mind, let Vigilant equip you with an affordable, durable, secure, and easy-to-use interoperability solution for emergency management and first responders, the armed forces, as well as in-house security and protective services.

Visualization & Analytics

Every industry has been affected by the 24-hour, real-time nature of the Internet. With the upcoming onslaught of data generated from the IoT, customers are demanding instant, timely information. Real-time information is a must and predictive analytics will become the "need to have". It is imperative for businesses, first responders, and the community to understand what is going on in real-time, not after the fact.

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IT Security Infrastructure

Today's business needs like multicast video surveillance, BYOD, and the increase of connected devices require 24x7x365 up-time. The Internet of Things (IoT) and IP video surveillance challenge today's IT infrastructure by increasing bandwidth and storage requirements. Workplace Security and Public Safety are two closely-aligned areas where IoT and an increased use of IP video is having a huge impact on bandwidth and storage. Additionally less human interaction in the control of an enterprise's infrastructure, more security and automation is desired. Conventional networks and buildings are not designed for this new world! In other words, the Intelligent World can only be delivered when the infrastructure is also "smart".

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