Securing People, Property & Assets
Creating a Secure Intelligent World

Vigilant Platforms, is a National Systems Integrator delivering Physical Security & First Responder Solutions in the Commercial and Federal Markets. Vigilant designs and implements solutions for video surveillance, access control and biometrics, visitor management, credentialing and badging, command and control centers, situational awareness, mobile communications, visualization and analytics, emergency notification and provides the corresponding IT infrastructure. Vigilant Platforms designs and implements the most complete line of integrated public safety solutions. Create a more Intelligent World, Security requires constant Vigilance.

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Video Surveillance

If you want IP surveillance systems that grow without compromise, are easy to deploy, capable of meeting your enterprise's demand, and are secure, contact the experts at Vigilant Platforms.


Managed Video Surveillance

Vigilant offers Managed IP Video Surveillance with secure access to live and recorded video from any device, anywhere, anytime. Maximize the security of your business with crystal clear full motion high-definition video surveillance while eliminating local storage concerns. Incident footage is available on-demand.


Access Control & Biometrics

In the fields of physical and information security, access control provides selective restriction of access to a place or resource. Vigilant designs and implements access control solutions utilizing the latest technologies to protect your people, property and assets.


Mobile Communications

Vigilant designs and implements secure wireless network access solutions for employees, guests, and partners. Our Team of Mobile Communications experts design and support Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) solutions that allow your organization to enforce secure custom network policies that allow you to gain control over users and devices.


Situational Awareness

Vigilant Platforms has industry leading solutions that provide critical physical security and first responder tools. For example, the ability to connect to public agencies and private enterprises securely sharing audio (radio and telephone), video and data resources in real-time can be critical during an emergent incident or a natural disaster.


Visualization & Analytics

With the upcoming onslaught of data generated from the IoT, customers are demanding instant, timely information. Real-time information is a must and predictive analytics will become the "need to have". It is imperative for businesses, first responders, and the community to understand what is going on in real-time, not after the fact.


IT Security Infrastructure

Today's business needs like multicast video surveillance, BYOD, and the increase of connected devices require 24x7x365 up-time. The Internet of Things (IoT) and IP video surveillance challenge today's IT infrastructure by increasing bandwidth and storage requirements. Workplace Security and Public Safety are two closely-aligned areas where IoT and an increased use of IP video is having a huge impact on bandwidth, storage & IT Security.


Create Your Roadmap to Security

Vigilant’s team of experts can help your organization develop & implement an enterprise wide strategy to integrate new technologies into your existing physical security infrastructure. The Roadmap serves as a long-term integrated physical security plan allowing your organization to seamlessly add additional layers of defense over time. Security requires constant Vigilance.


Secure People, Property & Assets

Integrating the latest security technologies into your existing infrastructure can be daunting. Vigilant’s team of experts can assess your current environment, design a comprehensive solution, integrate the solution into your existing infrastructure and trains your staff for operational excellence.

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Is Your Organization Vigilant?

Organizations today are under attack, protecting your people, property and assets requires that you keep careful watch for possible danger, have defensive strategies implemented and are prepared to appropriately react. Let Vigilant Platforms take your enterprise to a Higher Level of Security.


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